In 2015 I was convinced to join a Kayak Seafari with the Legendry Markus Potgieter and a few of my friends from Johannesburg. Never fished the sea before, I was very excited to try out this new facet of fishing. I did not own anything related to this sport, none the less all was supplied and the launch was set for the Friday morning at Westbrook. I was using a profisha 475 for this day of fishing, which was not the best idea as a 6 foot guy with zero experience.

Come launch time, I go down to the edge of the shore break with my good mates Quinton and Retford, who have been fishing for years. As they had the experience they were going to get me out. They tell me that when they say go I must run and jump on and paddle like my life depended on it. That sounds easy, I thought, and then they say GO. I take the ski and paddle in hand and attempt to do the Westbrook launch. I remember jumping on and getting dumped in the shore break falling in front of the ski and getting smashed left right and centre.

I get pulled out the water by some young local who saved me and the ski, I look around for my mates to see that they had launched as I got dumped and were past the backline already. Markus gets down to me and gets me out with the right advice and off I went to enjoy my morning out in sea for my first time.